Welcome to Erasmus Motaung INC


Erasmus Motaung Incorporated (“EMI”) was born out of the merger of two firms, namely Motaung Ngeno and Erasmus Beyl Incorporated.  Through experience and its involvement in legal business, EMI is well positioned to bring goodwill to any alliance or customer they interact with. This is achieved by utilising a network of different customers and allies in the business to develop better products and services for our clients.  

The directors of the firm possess extensive experience in the fields of Conveyancing, Property Law, Corporate Law, Contract Law, Estate Planning and Administration of Estates.  Having worked on sophisticated transactions in both public and the private sector, our firm has accumulated experience over years and therefore we are aware of the strategies employed by our competition in relation to legal service delivery, relationship building techniques and related issues.  As a result, we strive to ensure that we remain relevant to our clients by keeping up with all relevant developments that affect or may affect our areas of expertise.


To build a law firm of choice which shall be acknowledged as a meaningful South African law firm and to stand out due to the quality of service and expertise rendered to all our clients.